It’s been Garage Sale season throughout the month of June starting with the massive Longfellow Garage Sale that was on June 10th & llth. I spent the first days of June perusing, poring over, and probing all the boxes in my basement, garage, and garage loft—it’s one big garage—at my Longfellow Villa duplex property, where I claim to have 2 or 3 or more of just about anything needed for keeping up my two housekeeping apartments. Yeah, I can make a little cash, and this year wasn’t bad at all, as I moved my old gasoline-powered lawn mower for fifty bucks first thing Friday morning. That’s when the serious spenders are out trolling for deals, and they want first grab at the good stuff. While my new eco-electric lawn mower cost quite a bit more, it’s all about moving the old stuff out, even if that doesn’t quite cover the bills of the new stuff.

My well-dressed Longfellow garage sale

Plus, I just love a garage sale—both holding one and touring them. OK, I admit I do watch American Pickers, and I do dive into the grungy basements of estate sales looking for rusty gold. But in my case, it’s not the hunt for hidden big-ticket antiques; I just enjoy finding and using old tools and thing-a-ma-jigs, all the good ol’ stuff that every household has or needs. Crowbar? Hand-brace drill? Mini-rake? Milkglass-lined zinc canning lids? Gotta have it all!

Best of all, it’s the one time that I do enjoy a good dickering session. Now, I don’t so much enjoy walking into a heap of junk with no pricing whatsoever, while I do like to bundle a few items and round down, or find a box of unmarked goods and offer a cheap deal for the lot. And when I’m selling at my own garage sale, I tend to round down, toss in freebies, and just help folks out in general with stuff they need at super cheap prices.

Garage sales are a fun way to meet your neighbors and learn a bit more about them. While chatting, I consider what it means that they owned certain items and then cast them away. It’s like going into a friend’s living room and scanning their bookcase or music collection. A safe way to snoop on folks.

Finally there’s the FREE stuff. Every garage sale starts and ends with boxes of half-broken, half-functional junk that you just might have a use for. Or, it’s just interesting to know that if you put an old toilet out on the alley or boulevard with FREE scrawled on a piece of cardboard, it’s guaranteed that it will be gone by morning light.

So, enjoy the month of June Garage Saling while you can, and then just relax over Fourth of July.