red-bush-leavesThe first flurries of autumn are falling as  I write, but this week brought a beautiful cascade in the change of season here in the Longfellow Neighborhood. From flaming orange and red leaves to glistening ruby crabapples to even a few straggler rose blooms, the colors jump through the crisp clear blue air tossed by a gently teasing breeze.

It’s been unseasonably warm and moist this fall—no 1991 Halloween blizzard this year! We’ve enjoyed weeks of so-called Indian Summer, more time for bicycling, yard cleanup, and long walks to enjoy the changing scenes along our parkways and down the river gorge. This time last year, I was struggling with finishing exterior fixup work at my new Longfellow Villa, a fixer-upper that seemed to hold the upper hand with me fixing it up. I was hammering and painting whenever it was above freezing in November last year, even in the rain and snow.