Ready to Launch!

We’re launching a new version of Longfellow.Life—to provide a full directory of what the Greater Longfellow Neighborhood offers:

  • Shops
  • Food
  • Services
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Information

Did Somebody Say Shop Local?

Shopping for crafts at the LoLa Art Crawl
Shopping for crafts at the LoLa Art Crawl

More and more we hear that people want to Shop Local for many reasons. It’s good for the local economy. It’s good for the environment, not to have to drive long distances to meet basic needs. It’s good for one’s own health and spirit. Everytime I walk outside and take to foot or bike in the local neighborhood, I feel more connected to the life and environs right outside my own door. Plus, it’s a real joy to meet so many dedicated, hard-working, creative, and good-natured people working to make Longfellow one of the best areas in Minneapolis.

At Longfellow.Life we’ll visit businesses and other amenities throughout the district to help you find what you’re looking for. While it seems easy to Google what you want, find some deal online or at a shopping mall or big box store—we connect you to nearby sources in the neighborhood, so you can shop locally.

Come along to discover the A to Z’s of Longfellow.

We’ll launch the Directory starting with Categories and Listings that begin with the letter A. Then we’ll add a few more letters each week, reaching the letter Z, as we go into the year 2017. Check back in a few days for the launch.

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